Magnifying Your Abundance

What does Abundance mean to you? Enough money, enough time, enough love? Whatever it means to you know that you can have it. 

Does everyone else seem to be more successful than you are?

Do you work really hard and don't seem to get the results that you desire?

Is Abundance something that feels like it is for everyone else?

I know exactly how you feel, I have been there.

I have struggled, strived, pushed, and have been burnt out.

Working harder does not always = more success or more abundance
You don’t have to hustle and burn out. To achieve an abundant life you must do things differently.
Let’s face it, what you have been doing isn’t working.  I see you and hear your struggles, I created this course for you. 


Abundance is energy!


You must learn to work with that energy with processes that work. That’s why I created this course. I want to share what you need to kickstart your journey to abundance.

Please join me for this Five Day experience to help you dive deeper so you can Magnify Your Abundance


Magnifying Your Abundance

5 Day Intensive

In this course you will receive 5 modules each with exercises so you can live a more abundant life.

Magnifying Your Abundance: A Holistic and Practical Course

Some Keys to Magnifying Your Abundance include:

●    Breathe and Set Your Intentions
●    Clear the Clutter / Cutting Chords
●    What do You REALLY Want?
●    Go Deeper / Your Why
●    Move Forward, Take One Step

At the end of this course, you will activate and kickstart your path to abundance. 


"Before I met Kavita I was suffering from chronic and debilitating pain, anxiety and depression, and awaiting medical tests and results that could seriously affect my future.

Kavita helped me in many ways, some difficult to describe. First was to understand my situation, disposition and expectations. She helped me focus on what was important, what was enjoyable, and what would allow me to move forward. Some things would seem insignificant to an outsider, but just guiding my activities to focus on things that I enjoyed doing, helped me climb out of the hole that I was in. The pain I was experiencing meant that at times I did not want to continue and Kavita provided me the means and motivation to keep going.

I am now enjoying my life more than ever before. One of the medical conditions I was diagnosed with, and that has no known cure, has gone. I feel like I have a new lease on life and marvel at life's wonder every day.

I would highly recommend Kavita because she has an innate ability (or intuition), that allows her to provide the most appropriate guidance to the individual. She brought me back from the brink."

~ Greg K, IT Professional
"Before I started working with Kavita I was exhausted, stuck and disconnected from myself and my loved ones. After working with her I have reconnected with my family and some friends. More importantly, I now feel like I have some control over my life and things have become easier because I have learned to reconnect with myself. I have also been able to do what was needed in my life and business despite my fear. I know that I still have work today and definitely would recommend working with Kavita if you want to get back on track to living a more balanced life where you are connected with yourself and those that you love. "

~ Fran Phillip, Entrepreneur/wellness professional


Magnifying Your Abundance

5 Day Intensive

In this course you will receive 5 modules each with exercises so you can live a more abundant life.